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Installation and repair of roof waterproofing in Cyprus, with new technologies
PVC TPO EPDM membranes

Renovation and repair and installation of new roof coverings in Cyprus with a 10 year guarantee. By technology installation of PVC, TPO, EPDM membranes

Roof renovation in Cyprus

Renovation or complete replacement of the old roofing material for waterproofing with a modern PVC, TPO membrane system. 

RENI construction company will carry out a full range of works related to the complete replacement of the old roofing. Also we recommend to insulate the roof.

Stages of works on installation of new waterproofing system

  1. Arrival of a specialist for measurements, inspection of the old waterproofing and preparation of an accurate estimate.

  2. Dismantling or preparation of the old coating

  3. Delivery of materials for the work to the object to the customer.

  4. Installation of insulation 

  5. Installation of new roofing membrane system

  6. Installation and waterproofing of engineering structures on the roof

  7. Complete inspection of the completed works

  8. Delivery of the object to the customer

  9. Conclusion of a warranty contract for 10 years

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Installation of PVC TPO EPDM membrane in Cyprus.jpg

Installation of PVC TPO EPDM roofing systems on new construction projects in Cyprus

RENI construction has a high degree of competence to participate in any building or construction project.  We welcome the principles of open co-operation with contractors and subcontractors in Cyprus. Our specialists will bring many innovative ideas and technologies to co-operate with construction contractors of any level.

Roof waterproofing repair in Cyprus

Our company can quickly and professionally repair old waterproofing in the shortest possible time using new technologies.

We can both make localised repairs with membrane materials and partially replace the old roofing material with a new one. Our team works with all roofing systems and materials available in Cyprus.

Depending on the conditions of the localised repair, we will provide a warranty from 1 to 3 years


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