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Why are there so many outdated roof waterproofing technologies in Cyprus?

 There are many old roof waterproofing techniques in Cyprus for several reasons.

Firstly, the island has long been under the influence of different civilisations, each bringing different methods and materials to construction. As a result, the roofs of buildings in Cyprus can be a mixture of different styles and techniques, including old waterproofing methods.

 Secondly, the climatic conditions in Cyprus play their part. The island has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. This means that there is a lot of stress on waterproofing materials as they are exposed to prolonged exposure to sunlight and rainwater. Older waterproofing technologies can cope with these conditions, which is why they are still used in Cyprus. But unfortunately these technologies are based on the use of old, non-technological materials. The shelf life of materials such as waterproofing mastics and systems based on roofing felt when exposed to high temperatures is very short. The use of these materials implies constant costs for repair work on waterproofing due to cracking of surfaces under the sun.

 In addition, Cyprus has a tradition of using local materials and handicrafts. Many craftsmen prefer to use traditional materials such as mastics, bituminous sheets and ceramic tiles to create roofs. These materials offer good waterproofing and can blend in well with the island's architectural style. It is therefore not surprising that many of the old roof waterproofing techniques are still in use today.

But alas these materials are not very durable.

 Finally, it is worth mentioning the considerable cost of modernising roofs in Cyprus. Upgrading waterproofing requires a significant financial outlay, especially when it comes to a large building or historical site. Many owners simply cannot afford to completely replace old waterproofing with modern materials. In such cases, they assess the risks and decide to continue using time-tested technologies.

Thus, the presence of many old roof waterproofing technologies in Cyprus is due to the historical, climatic and cultural context as well as financial constraints. These factors influence the choice of waterproofing materials and methods, keeping old technologies in use.

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